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Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek


Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek


Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek


Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek


Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek


Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek

Kedarkantha Offbeat Trek, Uttarakhand Overview

  • Kotgaon, Uttarakhand, Dehradun

You'll want to see as many new places as you can because of your wanderlust. And do you know what makes this feeling even better? A snowy trek to a mountain peak for breathtaking views you've never experienced. There are many locations calling to you. The Kedarkantha Trek is one such location, you should never dare to miss.


The name of this peak is frequently mistaken for that of the well-known Kedarnath temple. Both of them are unique yet different from each other. Kedarkantha trek is the most popular winter trek in Himalayas and is a choice of trekkers from across the globe. It is a complete package of wonderful snowy events. The amount of adventure involved during the trek will let you quench your thirst to go to the Himalayas. In this piece of information, we will enlighten you with its beauty and quest that will force you to visit it as soon as possible.


About The Best Trek in India: Kedarkantha Trek

Most of the people are snow lovers. We love to walk on and play in the snow. So any adventure that involves snow. We opt for it. Kedarkantha trek is totally for people like us. It falls in the Western Garhwal region of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand State. It is completely a snow-covered region in winters. It is at the height of 12,500 ft and the whole trail is covered with breathtaking views and alpine trees.


Kedarkantha Trek is a five-day long one that generally starts from Sankri village. But our trek will start from Kotgaon camp. The reason for this alternate trail is to make your trek experience better. During peak winters Kedarkantha has too much crowd and it creates many difficulties for trekkers. Read more about this alternate trail here.


A Diffrent Route for Kedarkantha Trek

At the starting of the trek, you will be mesmerized by the cultural and scenic village of Kotgaon. The distance of the trek is only 22 km, so even if you are new to the trekking world you will complete it with some efforts. This trek is suitable for beginners and needs some preparation. Since most people like to trek with their friends, it will be a fun and quick journey. 


You will go from a steep terrain to the thick forest of Fir & Oak and then you will reach Shirpidi/Khujaai. This meadow is a couple of hundred metres long and about a hundred wide, surrounded by forests on one side and a rocky ascent on the other. Always remember your goal is the summit. So you need to keep the energy high to reach the peak. Our next camp will be Odari Basecamp set next to Kedarkantha Basecamp and then you will visit the Kedarkantha summit the next morning.


At the end of the trek, the trail becomes a little steeper. So the route becomes more difficult and strenuous but after completing the whole trek the 360-degree view of the snow-clad mountains of the Himalayas will take away all your pain and stress because it is worth everything.


From the summit, you see Mt. Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Jaonli, Gangotri, Draupadi ka Danda and Jorkanden. Also get a glimpse of Chanshal Pass, Rupin valley and Har Ki Dun valley. 


The next day while descending you will cross the pictorial spot of Juda Ka Talab. This spot is one of the perks of the trek. On the right of this spot is an alluring lake and on the left is a picture-perfect alpine forest giving you the best experience of nature.


Let us discuss the difficulties you might experience on the way:

  • The Kedarkantha trail is easy-moderate but you gain altitude almost every day. 
  • The summit push is the hardest part of the whole trail. So keep your josh high for experiencing the beauty of the Himalayas.
  • People prefer to visit the Kedarkantha trek during winters. Because for most people, snow is the main attraction. Make sure to pack your bags with enough clothes as the temperature goes very low during that time.
  • Some sections of the trail are covered with glaze. Be careful while walking, you might hurt yourself by slipping on it.


Best Time To Visit Kedarkantha

Almost any month of the year is best for the Kedarkantha trek, with the exception of the monsoon months of July through September. The paths are extremely wet and slippery during this time. The winters, which come in late November and last through March, are the most popular times to visit here. That being said, each month has its benefits. Snow lovers can visit Kedarkantha even during the spring season. 


We recommend you to visit the trek during the summers or immediately after the monsoons. During the summers and just after monsoons (till autumn), is the time when the trail is full of colourful trees and green meadows and less crowded.


As you're filled with all of the crucial information to summit Kedarkantha, it’s the time you make your decision to live the mountains!


At Tripotude we assure a complete and adventure-fulfilling experience for trekking in Himalayas.


  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Trekking Permits
  • Trekking equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Trek Leader & Guide

  • Food during transit
  • Porter or mule for carrying personal luggage
  • Stay on the last day
  • Personal expenses & goods of any kind
  • Anything apart from inclusions
  • Unscheduled stay due to unfavourable conditions
  • Cost Escalation due to ‘Force Majeure’ and evacuation charges
Tour Plan

Day 1
Drive from Dehradun to Kotgaon

Drive: 185 km | Base Camp Altitude: 6330 ft. The trek begins at Kotgaon, a 7-8 hours drive from Dehradun. The journey takes you through Kempty Falls, Nainbagh, Purola and Mori. You see beautiful valleys and forest cover throughout the journey. After crossing Mori, you see the most beautiful views of river Tons and riverside drive.

Day 2
Trek from Kotgaon to Shirpidi/Khujaai Camp

Altitude: 6330 ft to 9510 ft | Trek: 5 km | Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Gradual followed by a steep ascent. In the morning you leave for Shirpidi/Khujaai Campsite. A defined trail goes through the dense forest of fir, oak and himalayan maple. On the way, you cross shepherd’s huts and about 5 km of the trek you reach Khujaai/Shirpidi Camp. Carry at least two litres of water.

Day 3
Trek from Shirpidi/Khujaai to Odari Basecamp

Altitude: 9510 ft to 10100 ft | Trek: 2 km | Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Gradual ascent. After sunrise, you leave for Odari Basecamp. The trek starts from a descent followed by a gradual ascent. By afternoon you reach Odari Basecamp. This is acclimatization and rest day because you have to leave for the summit by 2 AM.

Day 4
Trek from Odari to Kedarkantha Peak and back

Altitude: 10100 ft to 12500 ft | Trek: 4 km each way | Trek gradient: Moderate. Steep ascent to the summit and steep descent. Today you make the last push towards the summit. Start from Odari at 2.00 am. You reach the peak by sunrise and see the Chanshal Pass, Rupin valley, Har ki Dun valley, Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch and Kalanag. After the summit, you descend to Odari Campsite. Carry at least two litres of water.

Day 5
Trek from Odari to Kotgaon via Juda Ka Talab and back to Dehradun

Altitude: 10100 ft to 12500 ft | Trek: 7 km | Trek gradient: Easy, Gradual descent all the way. After breakfast, start moving towards Juda Ka Talab. This is 3 km from Odari. The most scenic and attraction point of the whole trek is this place. There are few clearings on the left which are fully covered with tents. With a half an hour break you move down to Sankri which is 4 Km further. After reaching Sankri you will be back to Dehradun. The journey takes at least 6-7 hours


Kotgaon is a small, picturesque and traditional village at an altitude of 6330 feet in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand near Sankri. The village is surrounded by beautiful views of mountain peaks, waterfalls and greenery. You can even see Kedarkantha Peak from here. The village is quite famous for its iconic homestays and Someshwar Mahadev Temple. The town is well connected to the Sankri main road.


How to Reach Kotgaon?

Kotgaon does not have direct rail or air connectivity and can only be reached via roadway. Below you can find the important details of the nearest airport and railhead for the convenience of your journey.


Reach Kotgaon by Air

The nearest airport to Kotgaon is Jolly Grant Airport at 212 km away between Rishikesh & Dehradun. The airport is well connected with direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai and some other major cities of the country. From outside of Jolly Grant, you will get cabs and taxi services to hire for a trip to the village of Kotgaon. The journey takes about 8-9 hours from the airport to Kotgaon.


Reach Kotgaon by Train

The nearest railhead to Kotgaon is Dehradun at 185 km away. Being an extremely popular site and tourist destination, this station is well-connected with the rest of India. Cabs are available to cover the distance to Kotgaon.


Reach Kotgaon by Road

If you travel by road, you have to first reach Dehradun. There are two direct buses to Sankri. The first leaves at 7.30 AM and the second at 9.30 AM. Otherwise, you have to break your journey to Nainbagh, Purola, Mori and Sankri. Taxis and buses are available from these stations. From Sankri there is no regular transportation to Kotgaon, you have to book a taxi to reach Kotgaon which is 5 Km.

Things To Pack

Trekking Shoes 

You need a sturdy trekking shoe with ankle support & having a good grip is required for this trek. This is a winter trek and wearing trekking shoes are very important to handle slippery sections and cold weather.



You will need a 50-60 litre backpack for this trek. Make sure your pack has good hip and shoulder support. Must have quick access pockets.



Carry at least 3 T-shirts. Full sleeve dry-fit T-shirts are good. You can take a hooded T-shirt which covers your neck.


You will need 1 pair of inner thermal, 1 light sweater and 2 light fleece layers. Try not to get any woollen sweaters, which can be very heavy. You have to keep sweaters and fleece jackets that can fold into compact rolls.


A padded jacket is necessary for this trek. You don’t need a water-resistant material but you need an outer padded jacket that keeps the wind and cold out. Ensure the padded jacket has a hood as well.


Three pairs of trek/track pants should be enough for this trek. Wear one pair and carry the others. Zippered cut-offs trek pants at the thighs are very suitable for treks. Always choose quick-dry pants over cotton.


  • Keep a Water bottle, Sunglasses, Suncap, Woolen cap, 3-4 pairs of socks, Trekking Pole, Rainwear, Rain cover for the backpack, A 10 ltr. daypack, 2 plastic covers, Toilet kit, Sunscreen (SPF 50+).


Personal Medical Kit: Diamox-mountain sickness, Crocin-fever, Avomine-motion sickness, Avil 25mg-allergies, Combiflam, Disprin-headache, Norflox TZ and Lomofen-diarrhoea, Digene-acidity, omez/rantadine antacid, crepe bandages, bandaids, ORS, betadine or antiseptic cream, Moov spray/volini, cotton, gauze.

Mandatory Documents

These documents are required for legal purposes by Tripotude and the Forest department. Without any of these documents, you will not be allowed to trek.


  • Original and a photocopy of government-issued photo identity card. Anything such as aadhaar card, driver’s license, passport will work. This is mandatory for your identification.
  • A COVID vaccination certificate (double doses) is required or a COVID negative certificate is required. Make sure your RT-PCR/RAT test should not be older than 72 hrs.
Fitness and Safety

This trek needs a pretty good amount of endurance. So you must be focused on your cardiovascular activity. Start the cardiovascular exercises 30 to 40 days before your trek date. You can begin with jogging every day. Start jogging at a slow pace and then keep increasing your pace day by day or you can start with running. Make sure each day you are increasing the distance of running. In order to be prepared for a high altitude trek, you must have a combination of distance and speed targets. Also do some breathing exercises such as Pranayama, Nadi Suddhi etc.


Fitness Routine 

  • Target completing the running 5 km in 45 minutes when you begin.
  • Gradually increase your pace bring down the time of running.
  • If you are 45 years or above, try to cover 5 km in less than 50 minutes. 
  • If running is not possible, daily 2 times Jogging or stair-climbing is required. Keep your pace increasing day by day.
  • Do the muscle exercise for Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Calf Muscles.
  • Do 3 sets (10 repetitions) of Squats, Lunges & Calf raises.
  • Do breathing exercises - Nadi Shuddhi or Pranayama.



Tripotude promotes safety protocols during a trek and also follows the basic minimum standards for adventure tourism. Microspikes for walking on snow, emergency bottled oxygen, pulse oximeters to test pulse and oxygen saturation levels are available at all our campsites. At Tripotude, our trek leaders are trained and equipped to take care of any emergencies related to AMS.


The Kedarkantha trek is considered a very safe trek. The trails are well marked with multiple exit points. Due to its large clearings, the campsites are well placed. You may be exposed to the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) during the stiff climb from Odari Basecamp to Kedarkantha summit. Stay alert for any signs of AMS. Watch the symptoms and take curative measures. Our Trek leader will check your oxygen levels. At Tripotude, our trek leaders are trained and equipped to take care of any emergencies related to AMS. Our team has the required medical equipment including Oxygen Cylinder, Pulse Oximeter, Diamox and other medication to cure AMS. Except for the monsoon months, the trail is pretty safe. During winters put your microspikes and gaiters on. Some sections of the trail are covered with glaze, be careful while walking.

Kedarkantha is an easy-moderate trek but you gain altitude almost every day. The ascent is gradual & steep and the altitude is almost 12,500 ft. This trek is well suited for first-time trekkers with some pre-trek preparation.

For genuine trekkers, the trail from Kotgaon side is definitely worth it. Most of the trekkers opt for a peaceful trail. Our campsites are almost parallel to the campsite from the Sankri side. Most people ask why maximum campsites are on the Sankri route. The only reason for this is the route has large clearings to accommodate that many camps but at the same time witnesses an enormous rush. The distance and difficulty level is also similar on both the trails.

The total distance of the Kedarkantha trek is 22 km from both sides, Sankri and Kotgaon. From Kotgaon to Khujey is a 5 km intense hike. From Khujey to Odari is just a 2 km gentle walk and Odari to Kedarkantha summit is a 4 km steep climb.

At Sankri or Kotgaon you will get a signal of Jio & BSNL. During climbing the Kedarkantha, you might not get any network but as you reach the peak you get the networks of Jio, Airtel, BSNL and other available mobile connectivity.

The last ATM is at Mori which is 175 km away from Dehradun but if you have to withdraw the cash make sure you do it at Dehradun. Because at the Mori there is only one ATM which could be out of cash or crowded.

Yes, the electricity is available at Sankri as well as Kotgaon but it could be affected due to heavy snowfall or some other reasons.

Yes, the cloakroom facility is available at Kotgaon. You can hand over your belongings to the Slope Manager at basecamp and receive them on day 5.

The trek cost varies depending on which travel company you choose to go with or the services they provide to you. It also depends on the itinerary that you opt for. In our case, we provide 5 days 4 nights package and it can cost you from 5000 to 7000 rupees. The trek cost includes Transportation, Accommodation, Meals, Camping Charges, Forest Permits and Trekking & Safety equipment.

Proper common washrooms are available at Kotgaon basecamp. Gender wise separate toilet tents are available at all campsites.

You have to first reach Dehradun which is well connected with other cities. There are two routes from Dehradun, one go through Mussoorie and the other one go through Vikasnagar. During winters, make sure you are geared up properly. Keep an eye for frost cover on the road, you could slip off. During snowfall ride your bike very carefully.

Yes, this trek is very suitable for families. Children above 13 years of age can do this trek. Elderly people up to 55 are also can do this trek. This could be a beautiful winter experience for families.

As a solo trekker try to leave Dehradun early in the morning before 7 AM. You can find the taxis and buses to Sankri near Railway Station, Dehradun. You must pre-book your stays at Sankri and try to find an experienced guide. Taking a guide is mandatory otherwise the Forest department won’t permit you to visit Kedarkantha. Forest permits will be issued from Netwar or Sankri. If you have your own camping setup that’s very good otherwise you can rent it from Dehradun or Sankri. Try to set up your tents near the other campsites, it will help you during any emergencies.

During winter you can expect day temperatures to average around 8-12° C, while night temperatures to drop below zero. Some days it even goes below -5° to -10° C. During summer, day temperatures will be around 16-22° C while night temperatures tend to be around 4-8° C.

The weather in the winter season starts with fresh snowfall, during peak winters there could be excessive snow with cold days and extremely cold nights. But sunny days during winters are very pleasant. You can usually witness the snowfall from the end of November to mid-February. During spring, the sun will be warm, the days start to get longer and the nights, much less cold. During summer, you can experience bright sunny days with clear sky and mild cold nights. The Monsoon season is tough to trek as this is the time of excessive rain. Autumn is an ideal time to trek if you are looking for crisp views of the Himalayas and greenery everywhere.


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Rohit Singh
2 years ago

The most responsive and helpful travel community in Uttarakhand. I would recommend people to use Tripotude's trekking and other travel packages. I have done this trek last year and it was worth doing the trek with them even during peak winters when the trail gets crowded.

2 years ago

Shivam Verma
2 years ago

One of the best trekking company with reasonable price, lovely offers along with quality services. Tripotude covers most of the well known trekking places in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Siddhartha Chauhan
2 years ago

Best trekking company with best quality food. Looking forward for more backpacking trips and treks.

Shagun Sharma
2 years ago

Recently i have completed Kedarkantha trek with Tripotude, I'd never have thought someone can give so much services in an affordable amount. All the staff members, trek guide, leader, kitchen staff were very well behaving and supportive. Tripotude is highly recommended from my side

Ravindra Meena
2 years ago

The experience of kedarkantha trek with tripotude was amazing, so wonderful that it is difficult to describe in words, trekking guide of tripotude is very simple nature and rich in personality the experience of going on trekking with vicky paaji and arvind ji so much fun It remains that now the next tracking will be with them always, whether it is Sandeep Bhai singing with guitar in the night or Kumar Bhai's food, both were wonderful, everything was wonderful.

Rishi Rai
2 years ago

I love trekking, My experience with Tripotude for the Kedarkantha Trek was amazing and very memorable.kedarkantha trekking by tripotude is so awesome. This company trek route is very beautiful and less crowdy. Best part of tripotude is route, very professional staff,Limeted Group trekkers and good quality of food every time, every camp location also very nice 👍. Staff is very helping and carring. After completing the trek company provided certificate and gift which are surprising the whole team. Every day is very exciting and scrumptious. Thanks to Sandeep ji, Trek leader Deepak ji, Satu ji and whole kitchen staff for this memorable trek.

Puneet Saini
2 years ago

They are professional, knows there work very well. They cover all areas very well. They choose a different trek from rest of the company, It helps alot. In normal trek there is huge crowd. Around 4k people were there. But the trek we choose was very amazing.We were only 8 people on the trek and one guide and one team leader was with us. We have enjoyed the beauty of nature. It was very peaceful. I could hear the voice of birds and water streams. The thing I like the most about them is, their meal. I have travelled aat so many places but I didn't like anyones meal. All offers only breakfast amd dinner but their meal was awesome, they offers breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, soup and dinner. And the meal was really really very tasty. Even when we went for summit they gave us chocolates, candies,buiscuits, energy drink etc. At last they have provided a certificate and a day bag as a gift.

Priyanka Bhomik
2 years ago

😄 !!! Hey all Its Priyanka since last 4 years of my Birthday I get something new and special,,, this year I was in my third trip with (TRIPOTUDE)... they made my Birthday special 😂 Thanxxx Sandeep and other coordinators( Vicky bhaiya- Mansi ji come on, Let's go) (Arvind the rescue master, have no words for him, he was just like a Army with Calm, patience...) if I talk about entire trip that was excellent,,, I made trails in the route,,, And from kotgaon to Kedarkantha trek is easy to moderate... Sometimes the journey is more beautiful Than the destination itself"" if we Travel with the Right Person!!!😇

Vansh Kapoor
2 years ago

As a beginner trekker, I am glad I chose Tripotude. At first, I was slightly afraid, but team members were so helpful and encouraging, making the trek easy, and everything went seamless. They offered excellent food, and it was very delicious and hygienic. All the staff members were very caring and professional. The overall experience was great. If you are planning a trek and you are confused among different companies, I can tell you one thing for sure don't think much and go with Tripotude; you can entirely rely on them, they will give you a great experience and lots of beautiful memories for sure.

Gaurav Verma
2 years ago

It was my second trek and Tripotude made it memorable to me. Best part is that Tripotude's trek route is different than other regular routes and way less crowdy which gives us the required peace and feeling of mountains. First night in Kotgaon basecamp was made very beautiful by Sandeep's musical performance with guitar around bonfire. Our guide and trek leader Sattu bhaiya and Vicky paji was very supportive and encouraging. Hospitality was upto mark, accommodations were neat and clean, food was way too good than expected and above all prices of Tripotude were very reasonable. All the staff were very enthusiastic, special mention of a boy named Arjun, he was energetic, welcoming, always smiling and spreading positive vibes around us. All four days were very exciting and we had new experiences each day. At last we all were awarded with a certificate and a surprise gift. Overall we all had a very good experience with Tripotude.

Devang Gupta
2 years ago

Just wanted to travel some place new and just scrolled instagram and decided to go with tripotude the experience was far more than good. Became a trekker and made a family there.

Manali Jain
2 years ago

Unforgettable Kedarkanta Had a great 5 days trip with TRIPOTUDE With Friends and Family and they are true to their name. Everything was excellent, from planning of trip to stay, vehicle. Will recommend everybody. All the members of Tripotude was really gracious and very helpful. Our guides DEEPAK SIR AND DHANSINGH sir are such an amazing person. Without them i wont be able to complete my summit/trek. Guides and the whole team of tripotude was very supportive, responsive and proactive. They support all of us very well. Our stay and food was very well arranged by tripotude. Thank you tripotude for such an amazing trek. Had a great experience with all the team members also. We experienced a lot of good things here. The trek was easy to moderate. For all those who want to go for trek to kedarkanta you only need to push yourself a little bit and come out of your comfort zone. It was an offbeat trek . I recommend everyone offbeat trek because of its route. This route was best because it was less crowded the other path was very crowded.

Apurva Sharma
2 years ago

Recently had kedarkantha trekking experience with tripotude and it was amazing, since they prefer small groups so we enjoyed even more. Everything was good and guides specially sattu bhaiya was very helpful and polite, so thankyou tripotude for making our new year so special and adventurous😊

Karan sachu
2 years ago

Kedarkantha winter trek with Tripotude team was one of the fabulous trek. We took offbeat trail instead of regular trail and got to witness the majestic beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas through this Winter trek. Also as it was an easy hike, I was more comfortable and had plenty of times to admire the beauty around. And yeah, this is among the easy treks in Uttarakhand and is best enjoyed during the winters only. Terrific team and guide from Tripotude. I was particular impressed by the interactions before I even arrived in kotgaon. All my queries were replied to promptly and with good detail.

Ayush Verma
2 years ago

Well... tripotude Your are really awesome my brothers....👏🤩 My Experience Was Reallyyy Very Awesome..Let me explain u in brief..This is My first Trip in winters...and First solo trip... I didn't expect that itna awesome ho jayega ye trip... tripotude ki facilities bht hi zyada Incredible thi...unki team ne kahi bhi disappointment nahi di...kisi bhi type ki...harr ek tough situation pe help ki...hrr jagah sath rahe dhyan rakha hr bat ka...and Sandeep Bhaiya ankit Bhai...they both are really awesome..chahe bat ho Communicate krne ki ya fir bat ho Mauj masti ki...and Satpal Bhai(Sattu bhai😂🤩)he was our TREK LEADER.. i think I never met person like him in my entire life...he is Really Awesome guy...funny Also...unke saath trekking krna like “APNA FAMILY MEMBER SAATH HAI TO DARNE KI KYA BAAT HAI " Our group was of 18 people..ek ek bande ki unhone help kri khud jake..jab bhi koi pareshani mein hota to sattu bhai bhagwan banke ate the hum sab ke liye😂He's really awesome man... TRIPOTUDE Ki vajah se Ye mera first trip Itna zyada Memorable bann chuka hai...bass I can't explain in words.... Unforgettable ❣️.. TRIPOTUDE KA KITCHEN STAFF bht hi Awesome tha...there is One guy that id Arjun he is srsly so kind...and really quick in serving...❣️ And Tripotude ki vajah se Merko ek bht hi acchi family mili...18 bando ke...All are Sooo Amazing...and they Also celebrated the new year with us😍They made a very cute cake for us To celebrate the NEW YEAR✨😍❤️ And one more thing jo mujhe personally bht badiya lagi ki...Kuch issue hue the ek bande ki vajah se main name expose nahi karna chahunga...but Jab humne Sandeep Bhaiya ko complain kari...Sandeep bhaiya nr Quick Action liya...Kuch bhi delay na karte hue unhone humari baat suni samjha and then he punished that time On the Spot...So koi tolerance ki gunjaish nahi hai...vaha pe..agar kuch galat hota hai koi problem face krte ho kisi person se unki team mein to tell sandeep bhaiya...qucik action hota hai...SOO TRIPOTUDE THANK YOU SOO MUCH🙏❤️.. JITNA BHI THANKS KAHU AAP SABHI KO....KAM HAI...💯 SANDEEP BHAIYA..ANKIT BHAIYA...SATTU BHAIYA...SURENDER BHAIYA...ARJUN...SPECIAL THANKS AAP SABHI KO...BHT BHT BHT THANKS BHAI LOG❤️Merko expected nahi tha ki itna accha trip jane vala hai❤️ Main apni entire life Mein kahin bhi jaunga To sirf tripotude ke through kuki Trust Worthy hai and Ab Family bhi bann chuka Hai tripotude...I am so comfortable with Them...❤️ Overall My Experience Was Spectacular🔥❤️

Ajay Pathak
2 years ago

Hello Trekkers, I've found the best trekking company where you'll be welcomed with warm heart at dehradun and will be having a great drive to kotgaon. The home stay is so attractive that I wanted to spend more nights there and their cook is so good at his work that everyone was licking their fingers. And the journey to summit is so beautiful and adventurous that you'll be making your next trip soon. Their guide is very experienced and takes care of the trekkers in the whole trip. The basecamps are also very comfy with proper sleeping bags but don't expect more in the mountains, It's about survival.. but tripotude makes sure to give their best.

  • Duration:
    5 Days
  • Min. Price: ₹ 6500
  • Difficulty:
    Easy Moderate
  • Location Kotgaon
  • Altitude 12,500 ft
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