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Phulara Ridge Trek


Phulara Ridge Trek


Phulara Ridge Trek

Phulara Ridge Trek, Uttarakhand Overview

  • Sankri, Uttarakhand, Dehradun

If you ever smiled at a video clip of kids trying to walk on a train track, then be sure that you will love walking on a ridge.


A ridge is where two sides of a mountain meet. It's the topmost part of the mountain. Imagine walking on a trail on the highest part of the mountain for 4 days. You will experience the vast landscape, the meadows, the valleys, dense forests, and snow-clad mountain sloping views.


Phulara Ridge is one of the newest and unexplored treks in India. It translates to Flower Ridge. It’s located in Uttrakhand at an altitude of 12,100 ft. It’s an unexplored trek as ridge treks are a little unpopular in India.


It is gaining attraction because of the vast landscape and being in the lap of mother nature up the ridge for 4-5 hours for 4 days.


This trek suits both experienced and beginner-level trekkers. It has a moderate difficulty level. The experienced trekkers love exploring new terrains including Phulara Ridge. The best time to plan is from May-June and September-November. In this way, you will experience the snow-melting mountains and the lush green post rains. As the weather is extreme with rough terrains, trekking during heavy rains and winter is not allowed. 


Pulhara Ridge Trek starts from and ends at Sankri. Experience the Pushtara Meadows, and witness the forests with trees like oak and pine. Hear the melodious chirping birds and gift your senses the marvelous and panoramic view worth a lifetime.


Apart from that trek is good for physical and mental health, the benefits are innumerous. You get to challenge yourself to test the extreme and win it for a lifetime experience. 


We assure the safety and comfort of our trekkers, help them all the way, and carry all safety gear and essentials. Join us to witness this thrilling experience. 


Difficulty Level 

The difficulty level of the Phulara Ridge Trek is moderate. Beginner-level trekkers can also take part in the trek. 


The trek requires a basic level of fitness to trek for 5-6 days. Our team at Tripotude assures the safety and comfort of all our trekkers, carries all gear and essentials, and helps them during ascends and descends. 


Phulara Ridge Trek Distance

The total distance is 32 km from the Sankri base camp to Phulara Ridge Trek and back. 


Phulara Ridge Trek Height

It’s located at an altitude of 12,171 ft. in the Govind Pashu Vihar National Park in Uttarakhand. 


Phulara Ridge Trek Temperature

The temperature at Phulara Ridge Trek can be slightly colder than other treks. 

So wearing appropriate trekking wear is important.

Temperature (day): 8°C - 15°C

Temperature (night): -5°C - 3°C


Best time to visit Phulara Ridge Trek 

Phulara Ridge Trek is best in the months of:


May - June (summer): the temperature is pleasant. You will see the melting snow on the mountains and enjoy the white and brown landscape.


September - November (post rains) - witness the greenery that blossoms after fresh monsoon showers. The atmosphere is vibrant and full of wildflowers in the Pushtara meadows while descending from Phulara Ridge Trek.


  • Transportation
  • Trek Manager and Local Guide
  • safety apparatus
  • Travel Permits
  • trekking tools

  • Food during transit
  • Stay on the final day
  • Anything other than inclusions
  • Cost increases resulting from "Force Majeure" and evacuation costs
  • A mule or porter to transport personal belongings
  • Personal costs and items of any kind
Tour Plan

Day 1
Drive from Dehradun to Sankri

Our group will assemble at the pick-up point by 7 AM. Later on, we'll head towards Sankri (185 Kilometers, 7 Hour Drive). Midway, we'll cross Mussoorie, Kempty Falls, Nainbagh, Purola and Mori. We'll be reaching Sankri by the evening. Post-check-in, dinner will be served followed by an overnight stay at Sankri.

Day 2
Sankri to Juda Ka Talab

Our Trek Leader will be introduced here followed by a group introduction and the trek briefing. Post breakfast, we'll start trekking towards Juda Ka Talab Campsite (5 Km). The trail is moderate to steep ascent. Midway, we'll have a packed lunch. We'll reach Juda Ka Talab Campsite by late afternoon. Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in the tents.

Day 3
Juda Ka Talab to Bhoj Gadi

After breakfast, we'll head out for Bhoj Gadi Basecamp (2 Km). The trail is moderate to steep ascent. Hot lunch will be served at Bhoj Gadi. Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in the tents.

Day 4
Bhoj Gadi to Pushtara Bugyal via Ridge

Breakfast will be served before ascending towards the ridge. After which, we'll head out for the Pushtara Ridge to Pushtara Bugyal (4 Km). Hot lunch will be served at Pushtara Bugyal. Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay in the tents.

Day 5
Pushtara Bugyal to Taluka & Sankri

After an early breakfast, we'll head towards Sankri via Taluka (3 Km). With a short break at Taluka, we will trek down to Sankri (4 Km). Hot lunch will be served at Sankri. Dinner will be served in the evening followed by an overnight stay at Sankri.

Day 6
Sankri to Dehradun

Post breakfast, we'll head out for Dehradun (185 Kilometers, 7-Hour Drive). We'll reach Dehradun by the evening. The group disassembles here. The Phulara Ridge Trek ends here.


Sankri is a small village and trekking hub in Uttarakhand located at an elevation of approximately 6,360 feet. There are numerous routes through Sankri that offer a variety of landscapes and views for trekking in Himalayas. There is also a temple of Someshwar Mahadev that people usually visit before continuing their journey.

The main junction to start the base camp (Sankri) is Dehradun which is 187 Kms away. To reach Dehradun, one can either travel by train, bus, or flight. It has connectivity from major places and cities. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport. 


Reach Sankri by Air

There are regular flights from major cities to Jolly Grant Airport and then one can take cabs or taxis.


Reach Sankri by Train

The most common way to reach Sankri is by train. If you prefer to go by train Jan Shatabdi Express departs for Dehradun at 03.20 PM from New Delhi Railway Station and arrives at the Dehradun station in 7 hours. This train ticket costs about 500 rupees.


Reach Sankri by Road

Road travellers must first arrive in Dehradun. Two buses travel directly to Sankri. The first one departs at 7:30 AM, second one at 9:30 AM.  Otherwise one can take shared taxis from Dehradun Railway Station, Nainbagh, Purola or Mori.


Things To Pack

5 Things You Must Pack for Trekking in Himalayas 


Trekking Boots: Trekking shoes are indispensable when hiking because they offer traction, stability and cushioning. For more stability on rocky ground, trekking shoes have much stiffer soles than running or sports shoes. In addition, they offer extra padding to reduce impact while walking on a rocky trail.


A Good Backpack: A rucksack or backpack is a necessary piece of gear. It should have good hip and shoulder support. So trekkers must choose their rucksacks wisely, they must be able to comfortably carry the weight of up to 15 kg which they normally have carried on their backs. For a 5 to 6 days trek, a 50–60 litre backpack would be ideal.


Right Pair of Clothes: A crucial factor is choosing the appropriate clothing for trekking. You should research about the terrain, weather and temperatures for your destination.

There are many different types of clothing that can be used for hiking, however, some are not practical to use for a trek. Cotton, for instance, is not advised because it takes too long to dry.


Warm Jacket: The Himalayas are one of the most well-liked locations for trekking and you need a good quality jacket to keep you warm. It can be a down jacket or an insulated padded jacket.


Some Good Pair of Trek Pants:- A pair of hiking pants provide comfort, mobility, adaptability to trek effectively in a variety of terrains and durability over time. For mobility and defence against wet and windy weather, many of today's top pants are constructed of lightweight, stretchy nylon. They also have characteristics like zip-off legs.


Personal Medical Kit: Minor wounds, sunburn, altitude sickness, and other injuries are treated with first aid. Any uncertainties can occur with trekkers, porters, guides, and other support staff while trekking. As a result, trekkers or trekking organising agencies must provide first aid services and medications for the duration of the trek. The first aid kit box should include not only first aid items but also medication for immediate recovery while ascending or descending at various elevations.

Fitness and Safety

It takes a lot of endurance to complete this trek. You must therefore pay attention to your cardiovascular activities. Start your cardio workouts 30 to 40 days before your expedition. You can either start jogging slowly and gradually pick up the pace, or you can start running. Make sure to increase your running distance every day. You should set both speed and distance goals if you want to be ready for a high-altitude trek. Additionally, practise breathing techniques like Nadi Suddhi and Pranayama.

Fitness Instructions

  • When you start, aim to finish the 5 km run in 45 minutes.
  • By gradually picking up the speed, you can reduce the running time.
  • Try to complete 5 kilometres in less than 50 minutes if you are 45 years of age or older.
  • If running is not possible try to climb stairs. Keep picking up the speed every day.
  • Do the exercises for quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles.
  • 3 sets of 10 squats, lunges, and calf lifts.
  • Exercise your breathing through Pranayama.

Phulara Ridge is a trekking destination in the Himalayas. It is known for its mesmerizing views of the mountains and its astounding ridge walk. However, the trek is considered safe during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. The key to staying safe on the trek is to be prepared and to follow the safety guidelines. Make sure to check the weather conditions before starting the trek and to be aware of the risks. If you are unsure about anything, it is always best to ask your trek leader.

It is important to choose an appropriate Himalayan trek as per your ability and interest. A better option might be a shorter or beginner-level trek then try for mid-level or 5 to 6 days of treks. You need better preparation and experience to do any high-altitude treks. To find a good trek, you should always choose an expert trek leader and with Tripotude, you can have all these experiences.

Trekking is one of the most popular travel trends right now. When you are on a Himalayan trek, you have to carry a lot of gear. Many people overpack and pack unnecessary things which they might not need after all. Here is a list of what you will need on a trek and what you can leave behind to keep the cost down to a minimum. 1- You should bring waterproof Trekking boots with a good grip. 2- Also, depending on the length of your trek, you may want to purchase a backpack that holds 40 to 60 litres. 3- One of the most important items is a water bottle that will last in harsh conditions. You can also carry hot water in a thermos or steel flask along with your water bottle. Carrying at least two-litre water bottles and a thermos will make your trek effortless. 4- Light snacks that do not require fire or water to prepare should be packed in your backpack. Packing your belongings in small reusable airtight bags will also help you travel green. Pack ready-to-cook snacks like instant Upma, Poha, Oats, or soups if you're carrying a stove. 5- When we say personal, we mean all prescription medications as well as any daily-needed medications or dietary supplements that you receive from your doctor. These are a few of the items to pack while trekking that many participants frequently overlook when packing their needs for a snow trip.

The Phulara Ridge is a mountain ridge located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its scenic beauty and the best ridge walk in Indian Himalayas. Phulara Ridge is also home to several rare and endangered species of plants and animals. It is located at an elevation of 4,000 metres and is a part of the Garhwal Himalayan range. The ridge is a well-liked trekking location and is renowned for its picturesque splendour. It provides sweeping vistas of the Himalayan range, including Nanda Devi, India's second-highest mountain.

Yes, Tripotude will provide you with all the necessary provisions however, there are no eateries on the trail but if you are a solo trekker you can buy provisions from Sankri.

Phulara Ridge Trek is one of the unexplored treks in the Himalayas. There are 280 kilometres between Delhi and Dehradun. To get to Phulara Ridge Trek from Delhi, take a bus or train and reach Dehradun Railway Station. From there, take a shared taxi or rent a bike and reach Sankri from where the trek starts.

Phulara Ridge Trek is located in Uttarkashi district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This mountain ridge which is about 3,700 meters above sea level, is a popular destination for trekkers and hikers. Phulara Ridge is a part of the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarakhand's Garhwal region. A variety of rare and endangered flora and fauna can be found on this trek.

A ridge could be a place wherever 2 facets of the mountain meet. The walk on a ridge is sort of like tightrope walking, where there are simply flanks of the mountain sloping down from either side of you.

October is an ideal time to visit Phulara Ridge. The weather is usually pleasant for trekking, and the sunsets are breathtaking. The ridge is an excellent location for viewing wildlife.


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  • Duration:
    6 Days
  • Min. Price: ₹ 7500
  • Difficulty:
  • Location Sankri
  • Altitude 12,100 ft.
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